Monday, 26 September 2011

A little about tohatsu outboards

If you have a tohatsu then your engine has the potential to last a lifetime, these outboards, originally designed as commercial engines have grown to become amongst the most reliable ever made. Most tohatsu engines are 2 strokes, having only branched into the 4 stroke market in 2003 with the 4/5/6hp single cylinder 4 stroke outboard engine, and the 9.9/15/18hp twin cylinder overhead cam motor which was exactly the same powerhead as the yamaha of the same era. Tohatsu manufacture all small engines for brunswick marine who own mercury outboards and mariner outboards, brunswick marine also have shares in tohatsu themselves (around 40%), tohatsu and brunswick have factories around the world, but the majority of tohatsu engines are manufactured in japan and china. Brunswick have a large factory in china where the mercury / mariner 40hp 4 stroke is manufactured. Tohatsu outboards branched into the public sector in the UK in around 1995/6 and although they were less than well received initially with a few models that were less than bulletproof - namely the light weight 9.8hp 2 stroke which was very mechanically noisy, and the 40C twin cylinder and 50D 3 cylinder which also suffered from the same problem. Tohatsu soon got their act together and the 9.8 and the 50D became some of the most sought after and reliable used outboards around buy the mid noughties. Best known for their light weight and brutish power delivery!

Looking after your rib boat

There is lots of information out there about how to look after your outboard engines, but very little about actual rib maintenance, ribs are reliable 4x4’s of the sea, they are very rugged, and so long as you find the right ribs for sale, your boat will last you a lifetime. General boat maintenance procedures apply to the hull of the boat, keep eyes open for any damage to the gelcoat caused by abrasion and impact, these chinks in the armour of the boat need to be attended to as soon as possible to avoid possible water ingress into the fiberglass beneath. Gelcoat repair kits are available from all good boat and yacht chandlers where you will also find good deals on mariner outboards and a myriad other enticing goodies for your boat from icom VHF through Garmin G deals to tohatsu outboards! If you didn't want to buy a new rib and instead decided to plumb for a used rib for sale, then you will also need to keep a look out for some problems that come a little later in the boats life, these comprise transom flexing (first signs are star cracking in the gelcoat at the corners of the transom), micro-blistering to the hull (small bubbles caused by water getting between the fiberglass and the gelcoat due to osmosis of water through the hull. For these last 3 faults you should contact a boat repair company to seek their advice as to whether the boat is worth repairing.

Friday, 16 September 2011

What’s the most popular used outboard for sale?

Well it has to be yamaha outboards, everybody wants a yam. But of all the yamaha outboards for sale which is the most popular? I think the most occurring request we get at bill higham marine is for a 50hp yamaha 4 stroke. They are very well sought after, even more so than the mariner outboards favorite - the 60hp bigfoot, or tohatsu outboards 50TLDI. All of these are good engines and when looked after carefully will give years of great service. We have around 300 outboards for sale at any one time, and in a season we manage to sell around 500 - 800 units both new and used outboards together. If we could get our hands on more good quality used engines of between 2 and 8 years old we would be millionaires by now!
But as it is, we have to make do with what we can get, this season we have noticed that there are a lot of used outboard engines on the market and this has dulled our normal sales advantage, we always buy up lots of outboard motors in the winter when the prices are down a little (and we have time to repair and service them all), and then when nobody has any used engines to sell in the summer we still have stocks. This year we still have stocks now in September!! What will 2012 bring? I can’t wait to find out.
Happy boating

How to look after an inflatable boat

So you have done your research and hopefully have made a wise investment. With a little luck you have steered away from the chinese cheapo brands and have plumbed for something reassuringly substantial like one of the french makes - bombard zodiac inflatables, or a british avon, or maybe one of the high quality korean boats like Seapro. You have bought your new outboard engine to match the boat perfectly, possibly one of the offerings from Mariner outboards. Well if you have bought carefully there is pretty much no maintenance required of a good quality inflatable boat. If you use it in salt water then its a good idea to rinse it down with fresh water after you holiday is over, you can clean it with soapy water and for more stubborn greasy stains I find one of the modern “searching” spray on lubes is really good, try GT85 or wurth ultra, wd40 will do as a second best. Alternatively you can plumb for one of the specialist inflatable boat cleaners such as is made by farecla.

At the end of each season when you are ready to store your inflatable it is a good idea to remove all moisture from the boat if you can, some people use talcum powder to effect this. Another useful material is silica crystals, this also stops milldew appearing on your bow bag, boat bag too. Look after your kit and it will look after you! Happy boating.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

How To find the best new rib for sale to suit you!

Well you are ready to take the plunge, push the boat out, dive in (insert watery pun here). You have your hard earned cash in your pocket but you don’t want to waste it on any old dross. Its a big decision. My advice is to speak to somebody who knows what they are talking about, and no I don’t mean captain pugwash down at the sailing club who had mariner outboards twenty years ago. I mean somebody who can give you exact advice on the best ribs for sale. Get to a rib dealer and tell them exactly what you want to do with your new boat. He will not only have new ribs, he will have outboards for sale too, he will help you choose the package to suit your needs ideally. Stick to a good quality brand like Humber, Ribtec, Seapro, ribeye, osprey etc. Expect to pay £13,000 upwards for a decent quality 5m package. Or £15,000 and up for a 5.5m, and £18,000 and up for 6m. The best value of them all are probably Seapro ribs. They are over engineered, reliable and will last a lifetime. Osprey ribs are more expensive but still worth a look if you can afford the price tag. If you want to speak to me, call Bill Higham marine on 0161 790 7678. Good luck and happy boating!!

Why choose mariner outboards?

Lets face it, you as the boating public are spoilt for choice these days when looking for new outboard deals. Whether you’re looking for mariner outboards to put on your inflatable boat, your new rib package, or your warrior fishing boat, you have a mind boggling selection to choose from. Every outboard dealer will tell you his brand of outboards is the best. Well, the real truth is all new outboard brands are pretty good these days, sorry, with the exception of the chinese cheapo’s - Hidea (or Hideous) and Vector with their crappy carbs and cheap chinese electrics. The rest are very good.
Parsun outboards are the new kid on the block, manufactured by an American company called Genovo they are what Tohatsu outboards used to be - reliable, no nonsense, well priced and dependable. Of the big brands it seems that mariner outboards have the edge on the rest as regards price, the build quality is un-questionable, the range is concise, and the warranty is the best in the business. But if you can’t afford the price tag of a new mariner, before you start looking for a used engine, get a look and a listen to a Parsun outboard engine, don’t be put off by what so called professionals have posted online, they have either never seen one or are intentionally slating the product. Look for the posts written by ENGLISH people who actually own one, you wont find anything negative there.

Friday, 2 September 2011

What next for the inflatable boat?

What next for the inflatable boat?
Well inflatables have retained their integrity for the past fifty years or so, the odd new innovation here and quirky add on there, but to all intents and purposes they have remained unchanged. With so many brands vying for their little cut of the pie inflatable boat manufacturers must look to new horizons to turn their inflatable boat for sale into an inflatable boat sold! They can no longer rely on special offer deals to dazzle the punters with seemingly irresistible arrays of extras: free bow bag with every boat, extra seat worth £45 with every inflatable for sale this week etc.etc. This stuff has all been done. What the discerning and forward thinking manufacturer needs is something to set their inflatable boats out from the crowd, a true innovation that will either increase the enjoyment of the boating experience or help them save time getting the boat either together or down again. Well at Seapro boats HQ in korea they think they have cracked it, an innovation for 2012 which will set seapro inflatables ahead of the rest, zodiac inflatables will be running back to the drawing boar to try to better the most common sense invention since the airdeck!! Want to know more? Then watch this space...

Tohatsu outboards have taken the top spot!

A sign of the times?
Well its approaching end of season silly sales time again at bill higham marine, and as I look back on what appears to have been a very busy season I am left with the facts and figures that don’t lie: namely sales of new Tohatsu outboards, Mariner outboards and Parsun outboards. Coupled with the used outboard sales, but these are more of a constant than the new sales, the new engines are a barometer for the health of the marine trade. Tohatsu outboards have in their own right been on the rise for the past ten years due to their recent entrance into the outboard arena. With more brands of outboards for sale, tohatsu outboards have taken the top spot as being the largest outboard manufacturer in the world (this is largely due to the fact that tohatsu make all the outboards of 2.5hp through 30hp for mercury marine (of which mariner outboards is a brand name of).
For the past ten years or so we have had a steady increase in our new outboard sales which I suppose reflects the hard work we put in with each and every customer and the money we spend on advertising. Tohatsu outboards have played a large part in that increase. And now we are seeing the mantle of budget brand taken by Parsun. What will happen next year? Well hopefully we will sell a few outboard engines!!