Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Affordable Inflatable Boats

The ergonomic design, safety and operational efficiency of inflatable boats make them very popular among professional and amateur boaters. Rigid inflatable boats are now coated with hypalon or a PVC material which makes them truly puncture resistant. So you can not only have kids aboard, but also your pet dog for a wholesome joy ride!

An outing by the river or seaside becomes more enjoyable when you can actually ride the waters and with rigid inflatable boats, such activities become safe and pleasant for the entire family. If you are planning for a short holiday by lovely waters, make sure that you pack the right gear for a nice time. There is a wide range of inflatable deals with products such as rigid inflatable boats, kayaks, propellers and outboard engines for inflatable boats. Inflatable boat are also easy to pack and carry!

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Rigid Inflatable Boats for Fun on the Waves

Rigid Inflatable Boats, also called RIBs are the latest rage in the world of power boating. RIB is a light weight, high performing, and high capacity boat constructed with a solid, well- shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale. The inflatable collar of this boat makes it sufficiently buoyant even when a large quantity of water is splashed aboard. RIBs typically cope better with rough seas as they are hard to sink and better absorption of heavy loads by their flexible tubes adds to their efficiency.
The safety and operational efficiency of these boats has made them very popular amongst professional as well as amateur boaters. An outing or short vacation on the beach or by the river side can be made a lot more fun with boating. Indeed, what good is a beach or riverside trip without a joy ride on bubbly cool, waters? So add this delightful waters ports gear to your vacation kit and check out some good RIB deals. There is a wide range of sizes and engine horse power options available in the market if you are looking for RIBS for sale.
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ribs – A Great Boating Innovation

Inflatable boats are the best thing to have happened to boat sports. Not only are they inexpensive and flexible in terms of storage, they have also proved to be of great utility for recreational diving and fishing activities. However, the stability of an inflatable boat is the deciding factor for the end user, and that depends entirely on the design and the material used on the flooring of the boat.

This problem of stability has been eliminated with the advent of RIBs, or Rigid Inflatable Boats, a brainchild of innovative boat designers who clubbed the positives of inflatable sports boats and those of rigid wood, fibre or metallic boats. A Rib is just like an inflatable boat on top, and like a rigid boat made of moulded fibreglass or aluminium at the bottom. And this hard bottom is what gives this kind of inflatable boat exceptional durability, and higher performance rates. So much so that some ribs can handle outboard motors even up to a 100 horsepower.

If you choose to purchase one of these smart utility boats, make sure you fit it with a suitable outboard motor as well. It could be either a 2 stroke outboard, or 4 stroke one. But whatever you choose, make sure you do your homework before picking your combination.

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Tohatsu Outboards

Outboard motors have been in the market for more than a hundred years now. The first four-stroke outboard motor was invented by Cameron Waterman as a student at Yale. He patented his innovation in 1905, and turned it into the first commercially viable outboard engine that ran on petroleum.

 Mass production of machines based on his design was already taking place by 1907. Waterman later sold his proprietorship off to Carl Kiekhaefer and his company Kiekhaefer Marine. Many give the credit of producing the first ready to use outboard motor to American-Norwegian inventor Ole Evinrude. However, Evinrude’s outboards actually came out two years later than Waterman’s, in 1909.

Today, there are quite a few options available in the market for quality outboard motors. But one brand has kept a consistent and reliable presence for as long as one can remember. Tohatsu outboards have led the market in the 2 stroke outboard motors arena for quite some time now. Their flagship TLDI range is known to perform like a 4 stroke engine when it comes to fuel mileage, providing the power and lightness of a 2 stroke engine at the same time. They have also been making waves, no pun intended, with their smaller 4 stroke range. Tohatsu outboards are well known for their affordable pricing as well, there products starting from less than GBP 550.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Main features of Tohatsu outboards

Tohatsu is one of the most reliable brands that deal in a wide range of 2 stroke and 4 stroke outboards. They design outboards to provide incredible oil and fuel savings by utilising an air helped direct fuel injection system to precisely mix air and fuel.

Some of the main features of Tohatsu outboards include
  • Air supported direct fuel injection system that provides exceptional fuel economy
  • Extremely silent operation
  • Lightweight, compact and easy maintenance
  • Low emission and efficient air compressor

Tohatsu outboards are durable, fuel efficient and has all the standard features that you need to have in your outboard .There is an outboard motor to fit everyone’s needs. Tohatsu outboards come in a wide range of models and different horsepower. Tohatsu’s four stroke series include many models to horsepower ranging from as much as 30 in MFS30 to as little as 2.5, in the MFS2.5.The brand’s 4 stroke line offers superior fuel economy when compared to its 2 stroke line. The company also claims that 4 stroke series has an excellent horsepower to weight ratio. The 2 stroke series of Tohatsu outboards weigh less than their 4 stroke counterparts and also cost less.

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Mariner Outboards – Buying the Right Outboards

Want to repower your craft with one of the best outboards?
If yes, then your foremost choice should be Mariner outboards. Mariner outboards have been the only choice of many professionals including Commercial Fishermen, Royal Navy and RNLI. These outboards now come with a 5 years optional warranty. This makes Mariner outboards more reliable and trustworthy than any other outboards for sale.

Mariner outboards are well known for their power and versatility. They come in various models, 2 or 4 strokes varying in horsepower, length of shaft and other upgrades. If you want to have an outboard motor that has a gear shifter integrated onto the tiller, you must go for a Mariner outboard. It is because these outboards for sale are the only brand that has a shifter built right into the twist tiller. Most of the latest Mariner outboards are highly efficient out performers and are SmartCraft enabled. They use a fuel injection system developed from the sophisticated multi-port technology of the motor industry. A 4 stroke Mariner outboard would provide you all the performance benefits that you want, plus astonishing levels of refinement.

Therefore, consider buying Mariner outboards for your inflatable to have a good experience.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Outboards for sale – Access a powerful boating experience

With rapidly developing technologies for reducing weights and increasing efficiency, it is really an exciting time for boat owners to buy outboards for sale for their use. Your inflatable boat will really have a fresh lease of life if you add affordable new power to it.

When you are buying outboards for sale, especially used outboards, the most important factor is buying from a reputable company. It is better to purchase an engine from a well established outboard engine dealer with a warranty than to get it for £100 cheaper from ebay and find that you have bought a lemon.... Today there are various outboards manufacturing companies who have guaranteed to live up to high standards of quality and dependability. They provide customers with access to a powerful boating experience.

Outboards for sale provide individuals the ability to outfit their water crafts with exactly the type of power they require. They provide an opportunity to enjoy every activity to maximum level on water. Nowadays, manufacturers have designed new outboards for sale keeping the needs of every type of users in consideration. Look for an engine that meets your requirement and budget, and if you need to spend a little more than you thought initially, it may save you hundreds in the longrun.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Buy Mariner outboards for smooth performance

Mariner outboards manufacture some of the most sophisticated outboard engines available on the market today. They are one of the most recognised and established brands in the world market of outboards.

When you buy Mariner outboards, you are buying expertise that guarantees to do the job you want safely and reliably at sensible prices. These outboards protect your investment in the best possible ways with comprehensive 5 year warranties. They comprise a range of different models, 2 or 4 strokes varying in horse power, length of shaft and specifications like tiller control, remote control, manual and electric start to name but a few.

The Mariner four strokes offer you the maximum in boating pleasure. Outstanding fuel economy means lesser running costs and all Mariner four-strokes provide you with smooth, quiet power to make you enjoy your time on the water in affordable comfort and style. Some of the low noise features of these outboards are full cowls, an air intake silencer and through prop exhaust. The latest Mariner outboards are highly efficient outboard motors and are SmartCraft enabled. They are the preferred engine for inflatable boats the world over, buy only from a reliable dealer who holds good repute in the market of outboards.
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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Buying new outboards for sale?

The choice of which outboards for sale best suits any individual user is very much a personal one but there are a few tips that you must consider to make your buying easy. You must buy one that provides the most horsepower and performance and is the easiest and most economical to maintain and operate. 

With advances in technology, outboards for sale are considered the most reliable source of power for boating. There are many brands available with wide selections of horse power, ranging from 2hp to 350 hp. You must prefer buying quality outboards such as Mariner outboards and Tohatsu outboards. You must rely on your dealer’s experience and knowledge to match you with the boat in the price range you want. 

A big factor to consider while buying outboards for sale is whether you want a 2-stroke or 4-stroke. It is totally upon you to decide because it will depend upon how you will be using your outboards. You must prefer buying one that uses fuel more efficiently, that means an improvement in economy and a cleaner burn. You must check for the list of standard features when you shop for Mariner outboards. Do complete inspections of propeller, fuel hose, fuel tank, fresh water flush, gauges, control boxes and tiller handles. You even need to check the lengths of manufacturer’s warranty so that you will come to know how long are you protected by the engine’s warranty.
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Buying the ideal horsepower Tohatsu outboards

For many people the decision to purchase outboards is based on brand loyalty or past experience with a particular brand. There are many brands available in the market to cater to the needs of individuals who love to take to water. Before finalising on a particular type of outboard, you must try to find out more about Tohatsu outboards because they promise to serve a variety of purposes including commercial fishing, marine transport, recreation and competition. They are developed with advanced technology and know how and are surpassed in safety, reliability, fuel efficiency and durability by no other brand.

Tohatsu outboards come in a range of horsepower and you must put the right horsepower on your boat. You must never exceed the horse power rating of your boat. While choosing the right horsepower for your boat, you must take into account the weight of the boat, weight of the passenger or gear and your expected use of the boat. If you are confused about the horsepower of the Tohatsu outboards, you must discuss with your dealer about it. They will be more than happy to help you find the best Tohatsu outboards for your particular needs.

If you have decided to buy a 4-stroke Tohatsu outboard, then you must use genuine TCWIII certified oil that has been formulated to handle the higher performance. It must also be formulated to combat the harsh operating conditions of the marine environment. You must refer to the owner’s manual for the proper oil type and amount to add and for the proper break-in and operating procedures.

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