Monday, 31 October 2011

Mariner outboards 125hp optimax review part II

Ok so in my last post I was up to the running in period of the new mariner 125L optimax outboard engine that I had fitted to my 6m seapro rib. The fitting process had gone well and we were in anglesey running the engine in. All went smoothly, engine sat nicely on the transom and the boat sat well in the water, I think 125hp is the perfect choice for a 5.5-6m rib, balancing weight with power. Once the new mariner outboards engine was nicely bedded in (this takes around 3 hours to do properly) we decided to take a trip up the straits from Menai bridge to puffin island, I asked the helmswoman (my wife Caz) to open the throttle and see what she could do. I was expecting around 40mph (39kts) at WOT (wide open throttle) with the 19” pitch propeller which is the standard choice from mariner outboards giving around 5500rpm. The weather was fair, 20 degrees C and a neap tide on the low slack with very little wind. I followed the speed on the GPS - 10 seconds 40mph, 13 seconds 44mph, 15 seconds 46mph, 20 seconds 50mph at 5800rpm - ooh yeah we are really motoring, engine trimmed perfectly (well the helmswoman was well taught if I do say so), slight rooster trying to erupt from the wake, boat was right on the planing pad and flying. Well above expectations, now i’m glad I didn't fit the 115TLDI from tohatsu outboards. I will tell you all about the fuel consumption figures and torque curve next blog!!


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