Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Affordable Inflatable Boats

The ergonomic design, safety and operational efficiency of inflatable boats make them very popular among professional and amateur boaters. Rigid inflatable boats are now coated with hypalon or a PVC material which makes them truly puncture resistant. So you can not only have kids aboard, but also your pet dog for a wholesome joy ride!

An outing by the river or seaside becomes more enjoyable when you can actually ride the waters and with rigid inflatable boats, such activities become safe and pleasant for the entire family. If you are planning for a short holiday by lovely waters, make sure that you pack the right gear for a nice time. There is a wide range of inflatable deals with products such as rigid inflatable boats, kayaks, propellers and outboard engines for inflatable boats. Inflatable boat are also easy to pack and carry!

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Rigid Inflatable Boats for Fun on the Waves

Rigid Inflatable Boats, also called RIBs are the latest rage in the world of power boating. RIB is a light weight, high performing, and high capacity boat constructed with a solid, well- shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale. The inflatable collar of this boat makes it sufficiently buoyant even when a large quantity of water is splashed aboard. RIBs typically cope better with rough seas as they are hard to sink and better absorption of heavy loads by their flexible tubes adds to their efficiency.
The safety and operational efficiency of these boats has made them very popular amongst professional as well as amateur boaters. An outing or short vacation on the beach or by the river side can be made a lot more fun with boating. Indeed, what good is a beach or riverside trip without a joy ride on bubbly cool, waters? So add this delightful waters ports gear to your vacation kit and check out some good RIB deals. There is a wide range of sizes and engine horse power options available in the market if you are looking for RIBS for sale.
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