Friday, 26 April 2013

All You Need to Know About Inflatable Boats

Love for water has been an inherent part of human nature. From slashing in the cool bath tub in childhood days to extreme water sports, wateractivities always attract us in one way or other. Adventure and water sports lovers completely understand the role of a good boat when they venture out in a sea, lake or river. Designed in a scientific way to provide you maximum safety and efficiency, Inflatable boats are powered by either an inboard or outboard engine to achieve optimum efficiency while navigation or floating.

Since an inflatable boat has to pass through various obstacles in a water body, it becomes highly essential that they are made of a durable material. Made from material that has a Hypalon and PVC coating, inflatable boats ensure proper toughness and resilience for bridges, rocks or branches during its journey in the vast expanse of water. The ergonomic design and seats ensure that the riders do not have any kind of discomfort while riding. Moreover, two large buoyancy tubes on the either side provide support to an inflatable boat. The buoyancy tubes creates a center of gravity that enables the boat to sit flat on the water surface that makes it difficult to topple even in high water pressure regions.

RIBs can be used for a variety of purposes. Their safe, sturdy and reliable design makes them perfect for not only recreational purposes, but also for professional and commercial purposes as well. Different inflatables are available in the market to suit your particular needs. A majority of inflatable boats come with an option of oars for manual navigation, as well as with motors for achieving higher speed and efficiency. In addition, the puncture resistant inflatable boats can be folded that make them perfect for beachside or some river excursion. Being more affordable and durable than the traditional boats, these boats are also less bulky and easy to store.


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