Monday, 1 April 2013

Tips for Outboard Motor and Inflatable Boat Repair

When you are going for an outboard motor and Inflatable repair, the primary thing to consider is that spark, fuel and compression are all working properly. Generally a gasoline fuel is used for an outboard motor and it is combusted to drive the pistons up and down. Spark is typically the ignition source that allows the fuel to combust. Compression is integrated in the cylinder that allows the pistons to move efficiently. Since each component has potential to perform in unexpected ways, outboard motor repair requires testing and verification of each part. Fuel issues can often be traced back to the ignition system in case the cylinder that is responsible for sending a pulse signal to the fuel pump is not working efficiently.

There are numerous types of outboard motors, hence the repair process may differ depending on the design as well. If the engine is not running properly a good place to execute the outboard motor repair process can be compression. Each spark plug should be separated and the testing device can be screwed into one of the plug holes. Then the engine can be cranked or turned over a couple of times until the needle over the gauge stops rising. In case, any of the cylinders are considerably lower than the others, this indicates there is perhaps a mechanical issue the outboard motor.

You can find more tips on outboard motor repair and get your boat repaired from a reputable online outboard motor repair service provider.


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