Monday, 31 October 2011

The all new mercury and mariner 150hp 4 stroke

Brand new for 2011 is the mercury 150 4 stroke mariner engine. It purports to be the lightest 4 stroke 150hp engine on the market at just 205kg - for those not listening, that’s 205kg!! That is almost 2 stroke outboard weight - planting this 4 stroke firmly in the realms of optimax and etec weight range. Not only that but it’s a 3 liter powerplant, thats the biggest cc 150hp on the market by some margin!
Great strides have been made over the past few years in tightening the waistband of the once obese 4 stroke outboards, usually spurned by Suzuki, this time it’s the time of mercury and mariner outboards to raise their hand and deliver a honed, chiselled 4 stroke engine. They will hit the outboards for sale market in early 2011 and pics are around now if you root around, it’s not only super lean, but a bit of a looker aswell - if you like american overstatedness!!
Tohatsu outboards only make 4 stroke engines upto 30hp as they think the weight gain of 4 strokes over that hp is not acceptable - well right back at ya tohey!! It certainly promises to swell the already bulging market of outboards for sale for 20 footers in a very positive way.
So why is the mariner 150 4 stroke outboard so light yet powerful? It comes down to the design, it’s so simple, it has a single overhead cam with just 2 valves per cylinder, no fly by wire so it is going to be cheap, really cheap. Initial figures suggest it will retail at under £10,000 inc vat. Roll on 2012!!


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