Thursday, 6 October 2011

What outboard shall I buy?

Its a good question and one that goes through most peoples mind when they look at the price of new mariner outboards, or the latest offering form yamaha outboards. There are so many different outboards for sale today that you as the buying public can be truly overwhelmed by choice!
The first thing to do is know exactly what size and type of engine best suits your boat and your needs. This will take a whole blog/article in itself so I wont get into it here. Next set your budget, this is different for each person, but be realistic, and (if you can afford it) don’t be a miser!! You gets what you pays for...
To a degree your budget will decide on whether you can afford a new engine, but not entirely, as yamaha and honda outboards are about 10% more expensive than mariner outboards or tohatsu outboards. And a used honda will be similar in price to a new tohey.
If you are in the used outboard realms but really wish you could afford a new engine then these days there is light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of Parsun outboards. You can get a parsun outboard for about the same price as a 5 year old yammy or mariner. So there are a lot of outboards for sale, and all have their price. If you cant afford a new big brand engine, buy a Parsun, it wont let you down.


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