Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The CMC power trim and tilt system

The CMC power trim and tilt system, after market ptt for outboard engines
There are a few after market power trim and tilts available these day, but the benchmark system comes from CMC in america. There are two models of power trims, the pt130 is rated to 130hp and is the most powerful system on the market rated at over 780l0b of pressure, it is suitable for all outboards for sale and almost any boat application, from ribs for sale to fishing craft. The baby of the bunch is the CMC pt35 power trim / tilt system, it is rated to engines upto 35hp and is VERY well priced and just as reliable as its big brother. The beauty and reliability of The CMC power tilt system is down to its construction, it is manufactured from barstock aluminum, 1/2” thick, there are no ferrous components and it is completely saltwater proofed and submersible. The CMC power tilt and trim has been in manufacture for many years and is the number one choice for racers the world over due to its amazingly fast rate of trim, in most cases twice as fast as those on new outboards for sale today. The system carries a 2 year part and labour warranty and is available from the UK through various outlets. For good efficient service you can buy from bill higham marine, we offer a next day mail order or in house fitting service to suit your requirements. www.billhigham.co.uk


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