Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Which outboard engine for a 3.4m inflatable boat cont’d

Ok, so you have chosen your application, be it displacement speeds, planing speeds with a light load, planing speeds with a heavy load, or watersports. Next lets look at which brands of engine I would recommend you choose for each application. Now I know we sell mariner outboards, parsun and Tohatsu outboards. But I will try to be as objective as possible - although I will choose these ultimately in some of the applications but for good reason!
For displacement speeds: if you want a VERY portable engine then go for the honda 2.3hp, its light - 13kg, and better built than the Suzuki, we NEVER see problems with the honda 2.3! If you want max power go for the tohatsu outboards or mariner 3.5hp (its the only 3.5 on the market and its very light @ 17kg). If you want the best value 2.5 on the market go for the parsun 2.6hp, don’t be put off by the new name, we sell over 50 of these per season and they are RELIABLE as hell!
For light load planing go for the Parsun 8hp or 9.8hp, its the lightest on the market (35kg) and also very reliable. If you want a premium brand, the next lightest is the mariner outboards / tohatsu 8 and 9.8hp offering, its only 2kg heavier than the parsun, and 3 kg lighter than its other nearest rival.
For fast planing you have a good choice of 20hp engines. The best is the honda 20hp, its light and excellent (although quite old technology). Otherwise the tohatsu 20hp is only 50kg, as is the mariner outboards 20hp.
There we go - in a nutshell, you should know which one you want now, so give us a call for some prices!! 0161 790 7678 bill higham marine.


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