Friday, 2 September 2011

Tohatsu outboards have taken the top spot!

A sign of the times?
Well its approaching end of season silly sales time again at bill higham marine, and as I look back on what appears to have been a very busy season I am left with the facts and figures that don’t lie: namely sales of new Tohatsu outboards, Mariner outboards and Parsun outboards. Coupled with the used outboard sales, but these are more of a constant than the new sales, the new engines are a barometer for the health of the marine trade. Tohatsu outboards have in their own right been on the rise for the past ten years due to their recent entrance into the outboard arena. With more brands of outboards for sale, tohatsu outboards have taken the top spot as being the largest outboard manufacturer in the world (this is largely due to the fact that tohatsu make all the outboards of 2.5hp through 30hp for mercury marine (of which mariner outboards is a brand name of).
For the past ten years or so we have had a steady increase in our new outboard sales which I suppose reflects the hard work we put in with each and every customer and the money we spend on advertising. Tohatsu outboards have played a large part in that increase. And now we are seeing the mantle of budget brand taken by Parsun. What will happen next year? Well hopefully we will sell a few outboard engines!!


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