Sunday, 11 September 2011

Why choose mariner outboards?

Lets face it, you as the boating public are spoilt for choice these days when looking for new outboard deals. Whether you’re looking for mariner outboards to put on your inflatable boat, your new rib package, or your warrior fishing boat, you have a mind boggling selection to choose from. Every outboard dealer will tell you his brand of outboards is the best. Well, the real truth is all new outboard brands are pretty good these days, sorry, with the exception of the chinese cheapo’s - Hidea (or Hideous) and Vector with their crappy carbs and cheap chinese electrics. The rest are very good.
Parsun outboards are the new kid on the block, manufactured by an American company called Genovo they are what Tohatsu outboards used to be - reliable, no nonsense, well priced and dependable. Of the big brands it seems that mariner outboards have the edge on the rest as regards price, the build quality is un-questionable, the range is concise, and the warranty is the best in the business. But if you can’t afford the price tag of a new mariner, before you start looking for a used engine, get a look and a listen to a Parsun outboard engine, don’t be put off by what so called professionals have posted online, they have either never seen one or are intentionally slating the product. Look for the posts written by ENGLISH people who actually own one, you wont find anything negative there.


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