Friday, 2 September 2011

What next for the inflatable boat?

What next for the inflatable boat?
Well inflatables have retained their integrity for the past fifty years or so, the odd new innovation here and quirky add on there, but to all intents and purposes they have remained unchanged. With so many brands vying for their little cut of the pie inflatable boat manufacturers must look to new horizons to turn their inflatable boat for sale into an inflatable boat sold! They can no longer rely on special offer deals to dazzle the punters with seemingly irresistible arrays of extras: free bow bag with every boat, extra seat worth £45 with every inflatable for sale this week etc.etc. This stuff has all been done. What the discerning and forward thinking manufacturer needs is something to set their inflatable boats out from the crowd, a true innovation that will either increase the enjoyment of the boating experience or help them save time getting the boat either together or down again. Well at Seapro boats HQ in korea they think they have cracked it, an innovation for 2012 which will set seapro inflatables ahead of the rest, zodiac inflatables will be running back to the drawing boar to try to better the most common sense invention since the airdeck!! Want to know more? Then watch this space...

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